We are traveling all over the world to collect the best ECO materials created by locals. From choice of materials to methods of craftsmanship, every aspect of a OVERZ creation is conceived to endure. Special care and regular servicing can help safeguard your piece's longevity and lustre over time.


Your piece of clothing will change over time depending on how often it is used and the way in which you care for it. Day after day it will reveal a new aspect of its style, and of its sophistication... and yours.
Store your item in a cool and ventilated area, and in a cotton cover if possible.


To protect the shape of your knitwear, it is preferable to fold it. It must not stay on hangers.

The embroidery on your clothing is among the most delicate details. When transporting it, avoid folding on the embroidery. This way, you will not risk damaging it, marking the cloth or breaking the threads, sequins or other elements. Store your embroidered clothing in its cover, place it flat, ensuring it is not weighed down by other clothes. 

Should your shoes get wet in the rain or splashed with water, dab them dry with an absorbent non-pilling cloth. Do not place them close to a heat source or expose to direct sunlight as this may damage or fade the material.
Regularly apply a nourishing shoe cream and gently shine the leather with a clean soft cloth. To allow the leather to breathe, do not overapply the cream. To keep your shoes in good condition, take this simple precaution: use colourless shoe polish to prevent staining.

To preserve the shine on your jewellery, rub regularly with a soft cloth. Do not clean with water, soap, detergent, or any other chemical product or solution, as these could damage or rust the metal finish or discolour the piece.
Pieces of jewellery may scratch upon contact with one another. We strongly recommend that you store and transport pieces of jewellery individually in the pouch provided