My name is Alexander Gornostaev, I’m the founder of the OVERZ.
My main philosophy is to create experimental products that reflect the inner state and express strong will.


OVERZ is a brand of conceptual aesthetics in the fashion industry. 
Brand name has Latin original: ˈəʊvəzɛd; ˈəʊvə - over; zɛd- zeitgeist.
OVERZ was founded in September 2016. Headquarters and production are located in Bali, Indonesia. This magical place is the point of departure for our limited collections around the globe.

There would be no OVERZ without Natalie, my muse, creative director, and the heart of the brand.


Natalie: “Conceptual fashion will never conquer the world, but it will win the hearts of the chosen ones. We are driven by an irresistible passion for unknown art, secret knowledge, and paradoxical combination of different styles. We are traveling all over the world to collect the best ECO materials created by locals.

We believe in creating special clothes for special people. People with a clear mind, burning heart, and the willingness to live a full life. People who have chosen to be on the creator’s Path.

OVERZ collections have attracted the attention of conscious and reflective people who are working on spiritual development and the concept of personal growth while building a successful life. The creators who are open to the world and ready to share secrets that are invisible to ordinary eyes. Architects of reality, do not  look like the majority. 

Let’s gather under a New Moon.”