Films about the modeling business, legendary fashion designers who have devoted their lives to the fashion industry.

Notebook on Cities & Clothes, (1989) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

1. Notebook on Cities & Clothes
, (1989) - Images from Yoji Yamamoto's workshop. Before our eyes, dresses emerge from pieces of fabric, impeccable in style and fantastic in price. Yamamoto reveals to Wenders the secrets of inspiration, sharing his thoughts on New York and Tokyo, on the subtleties hidden from the uninitiated, allowing to live in two different worlds.

Veruschka, (2005) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

2. Veruschka, (2005) - A documentary of film self-portraits by Vera Landorff featuring her fictional character "Veruschka" explores the limits of identity.

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, (2009) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

3. Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, (2009) - Their discoveries have not lost their significance to this day. Stravinsky created a new approach to music, Chanel revolutionized women's fashion.

Desert Flower, (2009) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

4. Desert Flower, (2009) - The story of a simple dark-skinned girl from Somalia. At the age of 13 she ran away from her family. A few years later she managed to become one of the most popular models in the world. Varis was not the first black top model, but she was the first woman to publicly denounce the practice of female circumcision, was appointed special ambassador to the UN and created the Foundation against FGM.

Yves Saint Laurent L'amour Fou, (2010); Yves Saint Laurent, (2014) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

5. Yves Saint Laurent L'amour Fou, (2010); Yves Saint Laurent, (2014) - One of the most famous designers of all time, Yves Saint Laurent lived a colorful and very difficult life. These two films tell the story of fifty years of work by this acknowledged genius of world fashion.


The Royal Tailor, (2014) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

6. The Royal Tailor, (2014) - The story of the tailors who made clothes for the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty.

Dries van Noten, (2017) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

7. Dries van Noten, (2017) - For the first time in his life, van Noten allows the director and cameraman to observe up close not only the creative process, but also lets them into his private life.


 Phantom Thread, (2017) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

8. Phantom Thread, (2017) - In 1950s London, the famous couturier Reynolds Woodcock creates unique images for the royal family, movie stars, rich heiresses and socialites. The life of a genius changes radically with the arrival of the young willful Alma, who becomes his muse.

Cruella, (2021) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

9. Cruella, (2021) - A rebel conquers the fashion world of London. A prequel to the villain of "101 Dalmatians" with stunning costumes.

Holston, (2021) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

10. Holston, (2021) - An American mini-series of the online video service Netflix based on the biography of American fashion designer Roy Halston.

House of Gucci, (2021) | OVERZ CONCEPT STORE

11. House of Gucci, (2021) - The name Gucci sounded so sweet, so seductive. Synonymous with luxury, style, power. But it was also their curse.